Dinisha Mingo,
CEO and Director

M.S. Educational Psychology,

Qualified Mental Health Associate

Dinisha is Las Vegas native. She completed her undergraduate studies in Portland, Oregon and earned her Master’s in Educational Psychology from UNLV. She has worked as a behavioral and rehabilitation specialist since 2011 providing outpatient services to children and adults with mental health diagnoses. Her experience includes working with diverse ages, ethnicities and genders. Dinisha advocates for cultural competency in treatment and speaks conversational Spanish. She has facilitated groups for children starting at age 4, adolescents and adults. She worked as treatment coordinator and Director of other agencies until beginning her own.

Dinisha opened MHS due to wanting to provide quality mental health services to a high-needs population by teaching. Setting and expecting a standard of excellence in mental healthcare through provider quality, compassion, education and experience. Dinisha has always been an advocate and servant of under-privileged and under-served populations. She has volunteered and given community service throughout high school and college by tutoring and supporting youth groups. Dinisha is the current chairperson of Solutions of Change, a non-profit which advocates, supports and helps those with mental health diagnoses. Dinisha believes it’s important to facilitate open, solution-oriented dialogue about mental and behavioral health in the Las Vegas community so those dealing with such stressors are not stigmatized but get the proper help. Dinisha and MHS continue to build community partnerships and support initiatives for the advancement of people and families through education, spirituality, health, arts, and community service as it relates to mental and behavioral health. Dinisha believes in living a life of service which is the most effective way to BE THE CHANGE and help Free the Mind of the Mental Health.

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