ShayTeria Williams,


While we have been given life, there is no blueprint to living life, and it is okay to reach out to someone outside of self in providing assistance in creating one’s own blueprint to healing, positivity, and the maintenance of peace. ShayTeria (Shay) Williams is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern that takes on a naturalistic approach to talk therapy. By adopting more of a humanistic, person-centered approach, presented concerns are addressed in therapy by the client and practitioner working together in a collaborative effort to empower the client(s) to take back control of their lives and use therapy as merely a stepping stone within the direction of continued healing.


Shay has worked with a range of clients in age with various mental health hurdles including Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, adult ADHD to Bipolar Disorders. In addition, Shay provides assistance in addressing situations involving relationship discord, suicidal ideation, time management-related issues to deep-rooted childhood-related traumas. With a specialty in addressing trauma-related issues, Shay understands the importance of patience and empathy while getting to the root cause of currently displayed symptoms and providing a nonjudgmental space as the client navigates through their current life circumstances.

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