Teletherapy for Southern Nevada

There are so many tools available at our fingertips using the internet and this includes confidential therapy sessions right at your home. At MHS Behavioral Services, we know that not everyone can take time from their busy schedules to attend a therapy session in an office. The solution to wasting time driving, and scheduling conflicts is Teletherapy.

Teletherapy simple means providing therapy through a live video connnection over the web or on the phone. You will receive an identical experience as you would if you were face to face, it’s just done using technology. If you’re familiar with using Skype, or Facetime, then you’re aware of the type of technology teletherapy might use.

Thinking telehealth is not effective for your child? Our team is able to use creative and engaging tools to work on impulse control, decision making, anxiety, depression, focusing attention and trauma just the same as in office. Call us to learn more.

Making the Connection with Technology

By introducing teletherapy to our clients, we are briding the gap between needing therapy and actually going to a therapist. But what makes it so valuable is that you will have a full session with your therapist regardless of what you have happening in your life. If you’re sick or on vacation, or experiencing some type of emergency, a session using teletherapy is the answer to continuing therapy sessions no matter where you are located.

MHS Behavioral Services’ clients can schedule their teletherapy sessions in advance, or whenever they feel the need for some extra therapy work that week.

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