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Segment @News3LV for Caregivers

Additional tips not mentioned on the segment @News3LV for caregivers: take a 15min walk and be mindful of your senses, write 5 things you’re grateful for, watch something funny, practice 5 minutes of meditation, and SMILE FOR SOMEONE even if you don’t feel like it! @MhsBsInc

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Safe Zone Initiative

Safe Zone Initiative

“Another Black Owned Business has become a Safe Zone!”


Channel 3 News Las Vegas

Get help today: Local resources for suicide prevention and more

“For Dinisha Mingo Suicide Prevention is personal…”

Another arrest made in connection to a Henderson teen's death, family calls it murder

“Seeing something like this can set up problems down the road.”

Study: Half of pet owners cuddle more with their pooch than significant other

“Touch is something all humans need.”

Suicide Awareness Week Presentations

MHS Behavioral Services visited 3 middle schools during Suicide Awareness Week to bring valuable information to children. These pictures were taken at Bailey Middle School during the MHS presentation.

SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: Dinisha Mingo, M.H.S. Behavioral Services

“With recent stories that our schools are dangerously short of psychologists, counselors and social workers, this is Dinisha Mingo’s opportunity to help our children affected by trauma.”

Teach For America Burnout Workshop

MHS Behavioral Services held a workshop on Teacher Burnout for Teach for America.

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